Collegium de Lyon

26 Place Bellecour
69002 Lyon

available fellowships per year

The Collegium de Lyon is the Institute for Advanced Study of the Université de Lyon (UDL). The UdL is a world-class academic site of excellence and has one of the strongest research bases in France. Its 4 universities and severals grandes écoles in the Lyon/Saint Etienne area gather 6.800 researchers and 172 laboratories.

Founded in 2008, the Collegium has hosted since then some 175 international scholars who have greatly benefited from the strong relations with the many laboratories of the site. The Collegium benefits from the first-class research infrastructures of the site (including the Diderot Library that displays over 1 million volumes in sciences, literature and the humanities). The Collegium has also a strong outreach policy with regular conferences for an extra-academic audience organized with partners like the main public library or different local museums.

Premises and facilities

Fellows share office spaces in the Collegium de Lyon offices located Place Bellecour in central Lyon. Fellows appreciate easy access to the scientific infrastructures of the Université de Lyon and to the mutualized research facilities as well as the wide range of cultural resources available in the Lyon metropolitan area.

Fellows are accommodated in apartments in a dedicated High Environmental Quality building situated on the Descartes campus of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. These apartments are fully furnished and equipped. The allocation of the apartments to the residents considers the duration of their stay and the composition of the family accompanying the researchers.

Scientific priorities in FIAS

The Collegium welcomes applications from all disciplines and themes. The Collegium mainly hosts researchers in the humanities and social sciences, but researchers in the natural or life sciences are also welcome as long as they are interested in exchanges with researchers in the humanities or social sciences.

All applicant to the Collegium must provide a letter of support from at least one laboratory (UR -unité de recherche/research unit or UMR -unité mixte de recherche/mixte research unit) within the scope of the Lyon-Saint-Etienne University and expressly validated by its director. This letter will attest to the scientific cooperation that will take place during the residence. Any application without a valid letter of support will not be considered further.

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