The FIAS Fellowship Programme is founded on shared values such as the need to ensure freedom of research and the need to work in the interest of the physical and moral integrity of individuals.

In compliance with the European Commission's Code of Ethics for Researchers, the fields of research on human embryo and foetus, on humans, on animals, and human cloning are excluded from the Programme.

The fellowship programme fully complies with the European Commission ethical provisions on privacy, data protection, confidentiality and intellectual property rules.

Applicants are requested to indicate possible ethical issues in their proposals. All selected applicants will have to fill the FIAS Ethics commitment table.

The Programme Officer systematically undertakes an ethical eligibility check of applications in collaboration with the Ethical Review Board (with particular attention to privacy and data protection, as most research proposals deal with humanities and social sciences). If needed, the application is transferred to the relevant national ethical committee for assessment.

Under the FIAS Fellowship Programme, employment conditions offered to fellows by all participating IAS are in full compliance with the General Principles and Requirements applicable to employers in the European Charter for Researchers and in the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

The FIAS fellowship programme follows an equal opportunity policy.