Sudipta Sarangi

Virginia Tech
Collegium de Lyon
10 months

Research interests: Microeconomics theory, Networks, Experiments and Development Economics

Research Project

Our Inter-connected World: Formation and Behavior in Human Networks

We live in the age of networks. Our social and economic relationships dominate our lives – they provide information about new jobs, help in the diffusion of new ideas and the spread of fake news, and in helping to share risk in poorer communities. Firms create networks to engage in resource sharing via bilateral R&D collaborations while countries form networks to manage trade and conflicts.

A network in such contexts is a mathematical description of the interaction structure between agents, and the wide range of theoretical models of network formation address different types of situations like the ones listed above.

During my fellowship, I will be focusing on two themes and their policy implications. (i) Multilayer networks: Situations where individuals are simultaneously a part of multiple networks like social and professional networks or trade and conflict networks, and (ii) Misinformation in networks: To understand the role of strategic behavior in the spread of false information.


Sudipta Sarangi is a Professor and the Department Head of Economics at Virginia Tech. His research interests range from network theory, experimental and behavioral economics to development economics.