The Demand for Same-Sex Marriage is anti-feminist, classist, neoliberal and plain stupid

Ashley Tellis, FIAS Fellow 2023-2024 IAS Nantes & Freelance editor and journalist
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What the demand for same-sex marriage in India shows is the neoliberal and mindless nature of the so-called queer movement here that has no knowledge of decades of feminist critique and is the willing handmaiden of neoliberal capitalism, writes Ashley Tellis.

The Chief Justice of India is quite right to state that the role of the courts is not to make laws but to interpret them and to hand the question of whether same-sex marriage should be permitted to the Parliament. However, there are more fundamental questions that the same-sex community in India, such as it is, needs to ask of itself before mindlessly being hopeful or mournful about this decision as is its wont.

Why do LGBT people in India want marriage? Is the culmination of the struggle for legal recognition admission into one of the most oppressive and unequal institutions (marriage) and its even more oppressive counterpart (family)? Was the struggle for sexual minority rights only a folding back into the hegemonic majority?

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