Performance "pARTage"

Oksana Chepelyk, FIAS Fellow 2022-2023 IMéRA Aix-Marseille, A*MIDEX & National Academy of Arts of Ukraine
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Micro performances – parcours

Performance "pARTage" will be presented at Friche Belle de Mai 15:00, November 4, 2023 within Festival visions d’exil RITUELS

5e étage de la Tour de la Friche La Belle de Mai, 41 rue Jobin, Marseille 3e

“pARTage!” commemoration performance by OKSANA CHEPELYK

Performance “pARTage!” is an extension of the author’s “Live Museum of Untold Stories” performance, made within MANIFESTA 14 project "Secondary Archive" of the Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation in Prishtina. The performer’s dress is made according to the principle of creating armors, but it does not protect because it is very vulnerable, instead it is a bodily projection of those hidden emotions that arise from every daily news about the death of a children.
Russian aggression in Ukraine already lasts near 10 years, the hot phase of the invasion almost 588 days. Performance is organized as commemoration ritual and participatory practice, dedicated to the “Ukrainian children martyrologue”.

For some reason, according to the International tacit social consent, the victims of the defenders of Ukraine are not important, you cannot kill the civilian population. Civilian lives don't matter anymore either, you can't kill children. More than 508 children are killed due to russian invasion to Ukraine, 1,158 children are considered missing, 19,546 children were deported.

“Ukrainian Martyrologue” of Ukrainian children killed by russians is growing every day. - Who will tell their stories? - And when will the death of children no longer matter? If the genocide in the Balkans at the end of the 20th century was stopped by the international community, then - Is genocide already allowed in 21st century? Art is right place to ask these questions.

Oksana Chepelyk is an artist-researcher of the Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, currently an Artist Protection Fund Fellow in residence at IMéRA at Aix-Marseille University 2023-2024. During 2022-2023 Oksana Chepelyk was IMéRA fellow supported by A*MIDEX and FIAS financed by the European Commission in the frame of the Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Actions (COFUND Programme).

Festival visions d’exil RITUELS 

Oksana Chepelyk’s works within Festival visions d’exil RITUELS 2023, Marseille.
November 4-12, 2023

Oksana Chepelyk’s performance "pARTage" will be presented at Friche Belle de Mai 15:00, the video diptych of trilogy "On the Edge" / “Underwater Landscape” / “Ecocide” at La Ruche Kokanas 18:30, November 4, 2023 within Festival visions d’exil RITUELS 

Agency of artists in exile dedicates the 6th edition of its Visions d’exil festival to Rituals from October 20 to November 25, 2023, in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and their regions.
Art and exile engender survival rituals. How do you brave the unknown, how do you become one with yourself again? Gestures, routines and actions repeated on a daily basis help to overcome fears and uncertainties. Turned upside down, the artists play with imbalances between reality, symbolism and the imaginary, erecting totems and altars of protest and comfort on the ruins of lost worlds.

For this new edition, the festival features festive evenings, concerts, shows, performances, exhibitions, screenings, immersive experiences, encounters, participatory practices and time for reflection.

➝ Marseille and PACA region: Friche Belle de Mai, La Ruche Kokanas, Musée d’art contemporain, Soma, Makeda, Cinéma La Baleine, L’Équipe, Espace Julien and Théâtre Joliette in Marseille, Théâtre Antoine Vitez in Aix, November 4-12, 2023.