Virtual Workshop: Science-society dialogues in knowledge construction on agroecology: experiences from Argentina and France

Andrea P. Sosa Varrotti, FIAS Fellow 2022-2023 -MAK'iT Montpellier, National Scientific and Technical Research Council / National University of San Martin (CONICET-UNSAM)
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International Virtual Workshop

April 18-19, 9:00-12:00 (UTC-3) / 14h00-17h00 (CEST)

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This two-day event will bring together scientists and agricultural producers from France and Argentina to reflect on the co-construction of knowledge on and for agroecological transitions. The goal is to foster in-depth theoretical and methodological discussions, grounded in practical experiences of participatory research. On the second day, we will focus on Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS), an alternative approach to third-party certification. The event will provide a platform for meaningful exchanges between scientists and society, aiming to create more sustainable and just food systems.

With the participation of:

  • Andrea P. Sosa Varrotti, researcher, National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), National University of San Martin (UNSAM; MAK'iT Fellow 2022-2023
  • - Patrick Caron, director, Montpellier Advanced Knowledge in Transitions, MAK'IT (tbc)
  • - Denis Pesche, director, UMR Art-Dev, CIRAD
  • - Daiana Pérez, researcher, Institute of Social Studies, University of Entre Rios (INES-UNER), CONICET
  • - Facundo Monguzzi, technician, Argentine Rural Federation; coordinator, National School of Agroecology (ENEA)
  • - Vincent Nourigat,president, Peasant Markets Association & vice-president, Pôle InPact (tbc)
  • - Delina Puma, technician, Office for People's Technical Consultancy (CoTePo), Land Workers Union (UTT)
  • - Marie Giraud,peasant horticulturist, Peasant Seeds Network
  • - Emma Siliprandi, agriculture officer, FAO professor, Master in Agroecology, International University of Andalusia (UNIA)
  • - Luis Caballero, economist, Argentine Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)
  • - Roberto Cittadini, professor, National University of Mar del Plata (UNMdP) & co-founder, ProHuerta Programme & MOOC Agroecology, INTA-SupAgro
  • - Eric Scopel, researcher, UR AÏDA & coordinator of CIRAD agroecological research
  • - Graciela Francavilla, member, Argentine Agroecology Directorate (DNAE); coordinator, PGS line of work
  • - Paia Pereda, consultant, Institute of Popular Culture (INCUPO) & member, Agroecological Movement of Latin America and the Caribbean (MAELA)
  • - Fernando Fleita, producer and technician specialised in agroecology, INCUPO & member, PGS Bella Vista
  • - Philippe Piard, farmer-jam maker & recent member, Nature & Progrès PGS commission 
  • - Sylvaine Lemeilleur, researcher, Unit of interdisciplinary research on agri-food systems of Montpellier (MoISA-CIRAD)
  • - Claudia Flores, board member, Argentine Agroecology Society (SAAE)
  • - Éric Sabourin, researcher, Art-Dev, CIRAD
  • - Tamara Perelmuter, technical-scientific advisor, National Institute of Peasant and Indigenous Family Agriculture (INAFCI) & researcher, Institute of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (IEALC, UBA)
  • - Maria de la Paz Acosta, researcher, Gino Germani Research Institute (IIGG, UBA), CONICET
  • - Alexandre Guichardaz, manager, ClimOliveMed project & consultant in engineering of science-society dialogue
  • - Florencia Arancibia, researcher, CONICET-UNSAM  


You can access the programme here: full programme

Open registrations here: free registrations

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