Media Art Exhibition «Fragile Frontier» in Berlin

Oksana Chepelyk, FIAS Fellow 2022-2023 IMéRA Aix-Marseille, A*MIDEX & National Academy of Arts of Ukraine
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"Ukrainian Golgotha" at Zimmer48, in Berlin-Kreuzberg, within the “Fragile Frontier” media art exhibition in Berlin, 10-15.11.2023

Opening at 18:00, artist talk at 19:00, November 10, 2023.


Olga Kashimbeckova, Oksana Chepelyk Maryna Hromenko, Maryna Shkarupa, Ksenia Hnylytskaya, Dmytro Dulfan, Olga Yarovaya, Svitlana Yatsenko & Daria Terekhova

Presse release:

Media Art Exhibition «Fragile Frontier» in Berlin: Ukrainian artists will present how the full-scale war in Ukraine affected their art

As a part of the Temporarily Replaced Art project, the Ukrainian artists are conducting a socio-artistic study of how the full-scale war in Ukraine affected their outlook and reflected in their works. The exhibition «Fragile Frontier» will present the works of both well-known and young Ukrainian artists of various fields (video, photography, animation, collages). Some of the authors remain in Ukraine, some were forced to leave for European countries. The event consists of two parts: an artist-talk (November 10, 19:00) and the exhibition (November 10–15) in the ZIMMER48 BERLIN-KREUZBERG at the address: Zossener Str. 48. The exhibition will be interesting for connoisseurs of modern art, as well as for everyone who feels solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

The morning of February 24, 2022 changed the lives of Ukrainians forever. It was the days that draw the line between «before the war» and «after» in the lives of many Ukrainians. It united the nation, and, at the same time, divided it due to long distances Ukrainians covered to get to other countries and numerous borders on the way. The split reality was reflected in losses, separated families, and changes of residence... For many people it has changed completely, both for those who left and for those who decided to stay in the country... The same applies to artists, whose art reflects the emotional resonance of real life events.

Did these changes affect the work of artists? If yes, then what exactly changed it? How is this changing reality reflected in the authors' work? What is the imprint of events in the works of those artists who remained in Ukraine and those who left the country? Is there any difference in the perception and interpretation of events by artists, who found themselves on different sides of the frontier? Are they addressing the topic of war more often now or, on the contrary, try to hide behind their work from this new disturbing reality? These questions are highlighted by the socio-artistic study «Temporarily Replaced Art», which consists of two parts: the artist-talk and the exhibition «Fragile Frontier».

The exhibition «Fragile Frontier» is an attempt to visualize these issues, and the curators propose to leave it to the viewer to evaluate the results of the study. The viewers will have the opportunity to discuss the exhibition with the present artists and exchange emotions through virtual participation of authors and experts who are in Ukraine. Video documents covering this discussion will later take their place in the gallery.

Participating in the project are both well-known Ukrainian artists and young ones, representing different art directions (video, photography, animation, collages). Some of them remained in Ukraine, while others live in Europe for the time being.

The project is supported within the framework of the Projektfonds Ukraine of the Goethe-Institut funded by the German Foreign Office for sustainable resilience building of Ukrainian cultural and educational partners. The project was implemented in partnership with «The Institute of Unstable Thoughts». Special thanks to Beam It – Projectoren & Medientechnik.