Life stories: an educational resource regarding contemporary mobility

Aneta Slowik, FIAS Fellow 2023-2024 Le Studium Loire Valley & University of Lower Silesia, Wroclaw
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May 16, 2024 


Le Studium

Hôtel Dupanloup
1 rue Dupanloup
45000 Orleans


Social mobility is an ongoing process in the era of globalization. Migrations and movements in general have become easier and more accessible due to fewer restrictions imposed on mobility and to the Internet social media that make it possible for people to move abroad. The recent conflicts (in Ukraine, in Syria) have led to changes in the behaviour and attitudes  -   with new arrivals. The anxiety among migrants is increasing and it is more difficult to build migrant social networks. Newly arrived? people are less prone to making new contacts and reluctant? to work on their own education. However, many migrants feel the urge tell their stories, they wish to identify their specific needs and have a say in organizing help and support for themselves. By accessing and hearing these individual life stories, teachers, social workers, administrative workers, psychologists, and researchers of educational processes can learn a lot about the needs of individuals, groups, communities and different generations of migrants and refugees. Considering the visible presence of transnational migrants in the region of Centre-Val de Loire, this event will help the local researchers, practitioners and authorities to understand newly-arrived migrants and help them deal with the challenges brought about by ongoing war conflicts in the sphere of social mobility and education. 



09:00 Official opening - Prof. Philippe Bourdier (ERCAE) & Sophie Gabillet (General secretary of LE STUDIUM)

09:15 Isabelle Vanderschelden & Carmen Herrero - Life stories in migration films: cultural exchanges and pedagogical projects

10:15 Barbara Muszyńska & Aneta Slowik - When life stories speak for themselves

11:15 Genevieve Guetemme - Art workshops as a storytelling method

13:45 Aneta Slowik , Olivet Solidarité, Accueil 45, IDF - When helpers tell stories – the voice of teachers, educators, head of schools, volunteers (table ronde)

15:45 Ahed Zarzour (Syrie), Zheleva Daniella (Bulgarie), Alina Kotoroszczuk (Ukraine), Diala Brisly & Sarah Mardini (Syrie), Leonardo Panguila (Angola)- When people tell stories - voices of people in mobility (Table ronde)

16:45 Introduction « Les Engagés » (2022) – dir. Emilie Frèche

18:30 Screening of the film « Les Engagés » (2022) - dir. Emilie Frèche Cinema « Les Carmes » (Orleans)