Audiovisual Unity in Immersive Environments: Shift of Anthropocentric Optics

Oksana Chepelyk, FIAS Fellow 2022-2023 Iméra & A*MIDEX Fellow / MARI NAAU
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PRISM Thursdays # 21

Thursday, May 25, 2023
PRISM - Marseille
2 pm - 4 pm



Oksana Chepelyk's career has always been on a dividing line between research and spatial, audiovisual artistic creation, on the border between immersive environments and eco-art. She will present her artistic path by exploring data-driven installations and her research journey in collaboration with IMBE and MIO, which inspire her creativity and experiments in the field of "audiovisual translation of metabolomics" merging genotype and environment concerning climate changes. In this seminar Oksana Chepelyk will introduce a few aspects of the complex research and field work that she tries to contribute to, placing interdisciplinarity at the service of ecological and environmental purposes. Her work expresses the ethical basis of coexistence with nature, the paradigm of “colonization” transforms into “co-dependence”, thus realizing “the ethics of partnership”. The polyphony is a signifier of biodiversity as it gives a voice to the living species of the aquatic environment, which includes a diversity of views and voices – yet where the individual voices are perceive as equal. In the face of climate change, Chepelyk's approach in her research, using sonification and the translation of complex biochemical events into liquid visuals, can serve as an argument for knowledge about our vulnerable ecosystems. She will examine the immersive environment in her search for musical collaboration with focus on "non-human agency" shifting the anthropocentric optics.


Oksana Chepelyk is a leading researcher of the New Technologies Department, Modern Art Research Institute of Ukraine, author of book “The Interaction of Architectural Spaces, Contemporary Art and New Technologies'' (2009) and filmmaker, currently researcher at IMeRA, supported by the Excellence Initiative of Aix-Marseille University – A*MIDEX and FIAS funded by the European Commission under the Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Actions (COFUND Programme). Oksana studied art in Kyiv, followed a PhD course, Amsterdam University, Banff Centre, Canada, Bauhaus Dessau, Germany, Fulbright Research Program at UCLA, USA. Awards: ArtsLink 1997/2007 Award (USA), FilmVideo-99 (Italy), EMAF 2003 Werklietz Award 2003 (Germany), Artraker Award 2013 (UK), Cinemadamare Award 2013, Venice International Film Festival, Final Cut (Italy), Best Project 2018 (Taiwan), Ars Electronica 2022, Linz (Austria). Works shown: MOMA, NY; MMA, Zagreb; German Historical Museum, Berlin and Munich, Germany; Museum of the Arts History, Vienna, Austria; MCA, Skopje; MJT, LA, USA; Art Arsenal Museum, Kyiv; “DIGITAL MEDIA Valencia”, Spain; MACZUL, Maracaibo, Venezuela, “The File”, Sao Paolo; LPM-2016/2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands; Venice Biennale 2019, MADATAC-2020, Madrid, Spain; EDAF-2022, “Manifesta 14”, Prishtina, Kosovo; Ars Electronica 2022, Linz, Austria; Guest of Honor, OVNi 2022, Matisse Museum, Nice, France.